The Celestial Sphere: A Narrated Tour of the Night Sky
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 Celestial Sphere Videotape We are pleased to announce that The Celestial Sphere comes "Recommended" by Library, Teacher's and Astronomy Publications and School Boards in both the United States and Canada.

Description of this DVD

How often have you looked at the stars and wondered about the constellations and star names? Wheather you are a teacher, a student or a star gazer, you need this DVD! Astronomy is now part of curriculum in many schools. Teachers will find The Celestial Sphere an excellent way to introduce the sky and astronomy to their students.

As a bonus, this DVD also contains an electronic book as a PDF file. To read more about the contents of the book or to order a hard copy visit here. Since the book contains the script for the DVD, ESL classes (English as a Second Language) can follow the narration with the script. Thus, it can be used as a tool to help improve diction, vocabulary and grammer.

TV-Views This NEW DVD delivers the real sky. It is a record of the night sky as seen from a dark rural site. It contains unique scenes of Comet Hyakutake and Hale Bopp as they drifted across the northern sky. There are also video segments of aurorae, meteors and solar eclipses. Once you have learned the sky, turn off the sound and enjoy the show in the silence of your thoughts.

This DVD shows the rotation of the celestial sphere. It shows the constellations and asterisms as they drift across the sky in the south and around the pole star in the north. It locates and identifies the brightest deep sky objects that are visible to the unaided eye from suburban observing sites.

This DVD comes with a navigation menu to help you find the part of the sky you want to see.

The Celestial Sphere is an excellent resource for educators. Suitable for star gazers AND both public and highschool classes (grades 5 to 12). It is even used in college and university introductory astronomy courses. Educators may select specific sections for their astronomy classes.



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Here are a few frames from the videotape.

Sample Frames


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