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Here is a 80 page booklet (5.5 x 7.5 inches) for The Celestial Sphere Videotape. Designed an available only to teacher, it covers the material in the videotape in greater depth and introduces other topics useful in understanding stars and galaxies.

The book is layed out with time codes so that teachers can fast-forward the tape to access specific topics. It has a wire binding so that the book will sit open on a table. The plastic cover is for durability.


Chapter 1contains background material about the videotape and how it was filmed. The five other sections provide more in depth material than was possible on the videotape.

1. Introduction
    Background of the Videotape
    The Seasons
    A Star Primer
    A Solar System Primer
    A Galaxy Primer

Chapter 2provides a summary of the videotape. It is separated into five sections and 18 sub-sections each with their corresponding time code from the beginning of the tape.

2.1 Introduction
    An Introduction

2.2 Annual & Dirunal Motions
    Rotation of the Earth
    Co-ordinate System
    Annual Motion
    Stars of the Seasons
    2.3 Constellations & Star Names
    Northern Sky
    More Southern Stars
    Eastern Sky
    Southern Sky
    Western Sky
    2.4 Deep Sky Objects
    Open Clusters
    Globular Clusters
    2.5 Other Phenomena
    Solar Eclipse

NOTE: The Supplement is also available in two other forms: one for students and another for stargazers.

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