Astronomical Phenomena   -   Videotapes for Educators and Producers

It is difficult to expose students to the wonder of astronomy and the night sky when their classes are limited to the daytime hours. These videotapes were assembled to bring the night sky and views through a telescope into the classroom. They were produced to help them feel the wonder of observing the sky.

Slides can not convey the sense of discovery experienced at a telescope as the atmospheric turbulence settles down to allow fine details to be seen. See celestial objects through a telescope as amateur astronomers view them.

Thousands of people contribute to the design, construction and testing of a satellite. Canada's Radarsat I is the most detailed video documentation of space hardware readily available to the public.

If you require video clips right away? We can help you.

Tour the Moon
60-minutes, showing the Moon's surface under all illumination angles. Various magnifications show how it appears through binoculars, small telescopes! It is available in unedited form. An edited version is post production editing. Please contact SLT for availability and pricing.
Celestial Phenomena
Numerous views through a telescope have been edited into a series of short clips of typically less than a minute. Most of the material is in real time, however time lapse photography has also been used to render protracted events. You will see planets, stars, occultations by our Moon and Saturn and solar flares.
Canada's Radarsat I
360-minutes and over 400 slides show the satellite in detail. This material contains unedited views of the spacecraft under assembly and test. It has been compiled primarily for use by TV producers.

Contact SLT for availability and an up-to-date list of subjects and price schedules.