Comet Odyssey   by Diffraction Limited


Comet Odyssey Videotape In January 1996, Japanese comet hunter Yuji Hyakutake discovered the most spectacular comet in 20 years. Comet Odyssey chronicles the story of how Comet Hyakutake was brought to life through stunning time-lapse photography. This real-life adventure features impressive computer animations and an original music sound track.

Comet Hyakutake is brought to life with the finest astronomical timelapsed movies ever made. It contains a fantastic high magnification movie of the comet.

This 45 minute color video program is both stunning and insightful. It is a classic record of Comet Hyakutake and deserves a place in all public and private video libraries with collections on science.


      Home Use is $15 each.
      Public Presentation Rights is $25 (for schools and libraries).
      There is a shipping and handling charge of about $12 (calculated in PayPal).

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